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EKS believes that society has failed the most vulnerable by looting the lives of the common working person to create massive profits for only a few.  EKS believes that through collective action, society can work together build a better world for everyone.  Through COVID-19, the Black Lives Matter movement and the political unrest that we are presently experiencing I believe we can come together to create a new future - a future that does not leave people out.

EKS will donate 5% of sales to the following organizations in ongoing solidarity for the fight for the liberation of black people, LGBTQA+ rights, unhoused, and organizations that provide support for victims of domestic violence.  

Please make contact if you have suggestions for organizations to make donations!

This summer we are focusing our efforts on New Orleans organizations :

June 2020: The City Waste Union

July 2020: Southern Solidarity 

August 2020: Women with A Vision